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Timberhead Music is a small publishing company that primarily produces the written and recorded music of Gordon Bok. Over the years, we have also published a few works of other poets and musicians. In addition, we carry all of Gordon's earlier Folk Legacy recordings, plus a sampling of music from friends and associates including all of the Bok, Muir, and Trickett recordings.

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Gordon's lastest release

Song of the Lady Odivere Song of the Lady Odivere

Gordonís adaptation of the epic Scottish ballad will enchant and enthrall you with its timeless themes of love, betrayal, and adventure.

Originally released on cassette as the Play of the Lady Odivere.

Cassette tape special! Order any two cassettes and receive the other titles on cassette free.
Titles available on cassette:
February Tapes I; Play of the Lady Odivere;
Gatherings; Neighbors;
Cold as a Dog and the Wind Northeast

Pick up the last available of the following titles for only $9.99:

Leave the Cake in the Mailbox;  
Under the Sky;  Seagulls and Summer People;
So Goes My Heart;  Notes From Across the Sea;
What a Singing There Will Be;  
45 Miles From Nowhere;  Hat Trick
Follow Me Down;  My Irish Soul

Harbors of Home and Gordon Bok: In Concert, and Apples in the Basket are now officially out of print and available in digital format only. Over the course of the next year, several other CDs on the Timberhead label will be going out of print. We will keep updating you when this happens. Remember all the music on the Timberhead label is available through your favorite digital outlet.

To order, view the albums listed below or use our Artist Search to the left to see all the albums for each individual artist, then select a purchase link. Click "Read more" for album details, song lists, and samples. We accept all major credit cards, or if you prefer, you can print out an order form and send it to us with a check. If you'd like to carry any of these albums and books in your store, please contact us for wholesale prices. Thanks for supporting independent artists!


Gordon Bok
With his unmistakable style, Gordon Bok has been a leader in preserving, collecting, creating and sharing a wide variety of rich and intensely beautiful songs of both land and sea. View albums


Bok, Muir, and Trickett
This well-loved and even fairly well-known trio first got together in the late sixties and have entranced audiences across the country ever since, with their lovely voices, seamless harmonies and masterful instrumentation. View albums


Cindy Kallet
Cindy Kallet is a nationally touring folk musician who has been writing music and playing the guitar since she was eleven years old. View albums

What a Singing There Will Be  

We're happy to offer several new additions and inspiring collections of music by special friends. View albums


Francis Doughty
Francis Doughty is an exciting folk instrumental guitarist who has been playing music since his early teens. View albums


THE WIYOS play and compose Old-Timey American music inspired by the early musical idioms of the 1920s and '30s. View albums

Songs in the Wood  

Songbooks, etc.
We also carry a number of songbooks and other items of interest to folk music fans. View items

Featured folks music album

Leave the Cake in the Mailbox
Leave the Cake in the Mailbox
By Cindy Kallet
And then there's the other Cindy Kallet--Mama Cindy--sharing her wisdom and humor about children and their parents, mothering and growing up. Highly recommended for young parents, old parents, anyone who knows or has ever been a kid. It begins with a recording of Cindy singing, uh, forty years ago? and ends with her two sons singing "Whup Jamboree."
This album won a Parents' Choice Award from the Parents' Choice Foundation in 2004.
Read their review here.   More »

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