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Hello, Folks
Here is something you might not know about. One of our local heroes, and an old ship-and-stage-mate of mine, Bob Stuart, has lost his ability to perform these days, much to our collective sorrow.
However, he has amassed an impressive collection of his own recordings over the years, with a variety of material from traditional to contemporary and his own originals.
We are offering these CDs for sale here until he gets his own website. I am happy to think that some of you can get to enjoy the lovely voice and the lovely man who has enriched our soundscape here for so many years.
~ Gordon Bok

Bring Out the Banjo
Hang On Jon
    includes the song Circle of Friends
Morningtown Ride
Rainbow's End
Songs For Elizabeth
Bob Stuart receives 100% of sales from his CDs


Cassette Tapes: $3.00
Order any two and receive the other titles free.

February Tapes I; Play of the Lady Odivere;
Gatherings; Neighbors;
Cold as a Dog and the Wind Northeast

CDs for $9.99:

What a Singing There Will Be
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Timberhead Music is a small publishing company and the recording label (since 1990) for the music of Gordon Bok. Although some earlier Timberhead Music albums are now out of print, all of Gordon's music is available through your favorite digital outlet. We also carry a limited selection of Folk-Legacy CDs, and music by other independent artists.

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Gordon's latest release

Together Again For the First Time

Gordon Bok and Bob Zentz - Together Again For the First Time

"In late March 1979, Gordon and I were on an odyssey of exploration, friendship, teaching, and learning. We tried to create a blueprint of the mystical “business” called “music”, but in reality, you can’t distill what we do down to a formula… it’s more like alchemy of old, lost to time but alive in our imagining.

Two old friends are now privileged to revisit it again in our later years. As the saying goes, you had to be there… but if you weren’t, you can be now."

                          ~Bob Zentz, 2017


Christmas Music Special:
Celtic Harp albums
Yultide Treasure
Angels We Have Heard
$10 separately or both for $15.

To order, browse the albums below by clicking on "view albums" in each category. Click "Read more" for individual album details, song lists, and samples. We accept all major credit cards, or if you prefer, you can print out an order form and send it to us with a check. If you'd like to carry any of these albums and books in your store, please contact us for wholesale prices. Thanks for supporting independent artists!

Timberhead Music albums

Bok, Muir, and Trickett

Harbors of Home  

Harbors of Home
The inimitable harmonies of Bok, Muir & Trickett are a restful reassurance of what will last through time. More »

This album is now out of print and is only available in digital format.

Language of the Heart  

Language of the Heart
The eighth recording by Bok, Muir, and Trickett in a collaboration of more than 20 years. More »

This album is now out of print and is only available in digital format.

The First Fifteen Years, Vol. 1  

The First Fifteen Years, Vol. 1
Drawn from earlier recordings, these two CDs are an excellent collection of the musical magic of Bok, Muir, and Trickett. More »


The First Fifteen Years, Vol. 2  

The First Fifteen Years, Vol. 2
Drawn from earlier recordings, these two CDs are an excellent collection of the musical magic of Bok, Muir, and Trickett. More »


Turning Toward the Morning  

Turning Toward the Morning
The first recording of the trio Bok, Muir, and Trickett which includes Gordon's most loved songs Turning Toward the Morning and Isle au Haut Lullaby. More »


Featured folks music album

Christmas Music Special
Christmas Music Special
By Julia Lane & Deborah Friou
<p><b>Yuletide Treasure</b> is a <i>"... real Christmas feast of seasonal harp music. At this hustle-bustle time of the year, Yuletide Treasure puts it all in perspective with soothing, reflective harp music so that we can enjoy the real meaning of Christmas."</i></p>

<p><b>Angels We Have Heard</b> is a beautiful collection of traditional carols expertly arranged and played by Maine's premiere Celtic Harpist Julia Lane.</p>

<p>This superb collection of Celtic harp arrangements for timeless seasonal songs will help you celebrate the return of light from the darkness of winter. Buy either for $10 or both for $15.</p> View details

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