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A Gathering of Stones

A compilation of poetry readings accompanied by poetry readings, featuring several artists, including Gordon Bok.

This unique album portrays through music, verse, and sounds of nature the beauty of stone walls.

"You could call it a labour of love, but it is more than that: it records in music and words all the sounds and feels and harshness and beauty of the craft which all wallers identify with." ~ David Griffiths, Waller & Dyker

"One could offer the analogy that each of the individual audio stones making up this disc is placed so that the entire sequence is attractive to the ear; the work of a master craftsman indeed." David Kidman, The Living Tradition. Read the entire review here.

A Gathering of Stones


What's included:

Dave Goulder, Master Craftsman
Building the Wall
Lay a Stane aside a Stane
The Wallers
Stone Winter
Stone on Stone
The Dry Stone Dyker
The Waller
1914 Dyke
The Walling Song
Sun on Stone
Dry Stone Wall
None So Steady
Walls of Mourne
Summit Ridge of Suiliven

These Dry Stone Walls
The Kingswells Consumption Dyke
Humpty Dumpty (verse)
Humpty Dumpty (tune)
The Dyke at Croick
The Seamstress and the Dyker
The Old Waller
Whaur Hae A' The Dykers Gane
Mending Wall
Pictish Broch
The Resurrection
Stone Dance
Dave the Dyker/Just for Fun/Dave the Dyker

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