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Bay of Fundy

"So many times in the fog, you stop and listen for the haunting groan of that whistle-buoy, or come down the bay all iced up from a northwest wind and that little friendly winking eye of the buoy looks so much like home you can smell the coffee, but you always know that some night you could be out there seeing it from different eyes, with that little light flicking the wavetops above you, and the looming grunt of the buoy hunting the swinging blackness around you." [GB] Includes a few songs learned from family members many years ago, and "Little River," a collaboration with Maine poet Ruth Moore.

This album can be purchased through Folk-Legacy Records here.

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Bay of Fundy


What's included:

Western Boat
Little River
Snow Gull
Queer Bungo Rye
Fifteen Ships on George's Bank
Mister, I Don't Mind
Bay of Fundy

Come By the Hills
Kirsteen/ Christinn
Dublin City
The Texas Song
Broken Down Squatter
Freedom on the Wallaby

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This album can be purchased through Folk-Legacy Records here.

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